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Congratulations! The William Morris Davis Journal of Geomorphology, in its first evaluation of QUALIS CAPES, received mention B1. This is a victory, as only the first year, 2020, was evaluated, which demonstrates the strength of the journal. This is due to the efforts of its editors, professors Vanda Claudino Sales and Jose Falcão Sobrinho, who spared no efforts to make the journal work, which initially, as usual, did not have an ISNN or DOI. These two scientific indexing instruments were obtained in record time, which facilitated the operation of the journal, and the truth is that the specialized community embraced WMD as an alternative for its scientific contributions.

Thus, congratulations are due to the community of Brazilian geomorphologists, who understood the importance of having yet another instrument for disseminating of the research carried out by the academy at a national level. This commitment is strongly felt in this second issue of volume 3, published in December 2022: never have so many papers been submitted to the journal at the same time. With the rapid peer review process and accelerated feedback from authors, WMD was able to publish 14 papers, in addition to the interview, a classic geomorphology text, and the photo section. Congratulations to the William Morris Davis Journal of Geomorphology for this growth!

The themes addressed by the authors in this number 2 of volume 3 are the most diverse, ranging from methodological themes to innovative subjects in geomorphology, such as ethnogeomorphology and geodiversity. It also brings a very rich text on the relationship between relief and climate, which expands the interest of the magazine to other branches of knowledge in physical geography. Coastal geomorphology is well represented, as well as themes in education in geomorphology, environmental analysis, and territory development.

Nationally renowned researchers partner with young researchers, transforming WMD into a space for effective interaction between Brazilian geomorphologists. But the international presence is also preserved. Indeed, since it appeared, international papers have been published in all issues, and this issue was no exception to the rule. The classic paper by Professor Aroldo de Azevedo, discussing the national relief, closes this rich edition.

We were happy to see the editors offer the Brazilian geographic community yet another issue of the William Morris Davis Journal of Geomorphology. Our wishes are for a long life for the journal, hoping that it will always tread the path of increasing success in this process of offering specialized knowledge for the technical improvement of Brazilian geomorphology and geography




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