• José Falcão Sobrinho


We're back! After a period of technical difficulties on the website of the State University of Acarau Valley – UVA, which houses us, we finally resumed our activities. We now bring number 1 of volume 3, with magnificent articles, ranging from discussions on education, education and inclusion (thus inaugurating texts in the area of pedagogical geomorphology in the William Morris Davis Journal of Geomorphology), to texts on geodiversity, passing
through analyzes of geology and geomorphology of the southeastern, northeastern and northeastern beach regions. It is without a doubt a very rich issue of the magazine that we now place the evaluation of our reader. On the occasion, we remind you that we are receiving articles for the elaboration of
number 2 of volume 3, to be released in December 2022. The deadline for sending the material is November 15th - WMD makes the effort to fast publish the articles that are submitted to us, following all the normal criteria of good publications, which is to undergo peer evaluation and
technical review. We are waiting for your contribution, which can be about any instance of geomorphology, with size according to your scientific and technical needs – 5 or 50 pages, come and tell us about the geomorphology that speaks to you and to the world. WMD Journal of Geomorphology also publishes geomorphological photographs – send yours, which will add significant content to this vehicle of scientific communication, which exists to grow the geomorphological community in Brazil, and why not say it, in the world. So come with us! We will be happy to take this trip together!




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Falcão Sobrinho, J. (2022). Editorial. William Morris Davis - Revista De Geomorfologia, 3(1), 1a. Recuperado de //williammorrisdavis.uvanet.br/index.php/revistageomorfologia/article/view/158